To avoid the Coronavirus and for that fact many other types of illness a good first step is to change your diet. Eat in a way that will boost your immune system. In addition, it is a good idea to get a proper amount of sleep, reduce stress in your life, drink lots of water, social distancing and to get regular exercise 

A new book The Baby Food Diet when followed is your solution to a stronger immune system. People who read the book are on the right road to becoming fit and staying healthy. The diet does so much more than get you slim, it keeps you at your target weight once reached. The benefits beyond weight management are actually even more meaningful than the weight loss stability that the dieter will experience. 

This way of eating will clear a person’s mind and remove much stress. It will possibly be the reason high-risk individuals avoid developing type two diabetes. Most important is that it will boost a person’s immune system. A stronger immune system means there is less chance of getting sick. Further, when someone does get ill, they tend to recover much faster. 

The best news is that the books publishers have authorized two brands to be designated as the official brands of the book “The Baby Food Diet”. The brands are superfoods as prescribed by the book. The two brands are “BFD” (Baby Food Diet) and “GLOW” (Guaranteed Loss of Weight). The diet is designed so that with minor modifications it fits the lifestyle of the vegan, vegetarian or meat-eater. The diet replaces two meals each day with advance prepared easy to carry items. These meals are the essence of portion control, they are rich in vitamins, probiotics and other nutrients all of which boots a person’s immune system. The third meal is the same foods as if a person was not on a diet. This third meal is to be consumed as normal with foods of the dieter’s choice. Some amount of portion control is advised but even without following this advice the diet is very effective and a person will lose weight. The diet follows the proven concept of intermittent fasting and portion control. 

The diet is a forever diet and is based on portion control and meal replacement. Two well know Scientists who are also both medical doctors have created the formulations for the diet. Dr Scott Connelly who is recognized on a world scale for the last forty years as creating the worlds finest powered protein supplements is behind the brand’s protein-rich drink. An amazingly delicious drink easy to carry. These protein-rich drinks are made to boost a person’s immune system while at the same time providing nutrients that make digestion easier on a person’s system. 

The other meal replacement is pureed fruit and vegetables (baby food). Dr Satya Prakash of McGill University is in charge of this meal. He is considered by the world as the father of probiotics. These meals have such an amazing taste that people are shocked. Many people cringe when they think of baby food but in reality, the taste is amazing. The recipes will have you looking forward to the next meal as they are so delicious. 

The book is a fast read, it is only about 90 minutes and it is a life-changer. This diet is one that it is easy to stay with forever as it is not as strict as most. Most diets are so concerned about cheating that eventually people will binge as an end result. The Baby Food Diet as explained in the book encourages treating. That is taking smaller portions of the things you love by using separation. For example, mini candy bars, ten potato chips put in a separate bag and such as treats, not cheats. 

This diet can be the difference in keeping good health or falling victim to illness. The book is such a fun read and its message are powerful. So, change your life by starting today. Buy the book, read the book by the brands endorsed by the book and start the journey to a new you. 

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