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BFD (Baby Food Diet) for Adults is a wellness and diet company focused on the long term health and wellbeing of individuals through its innovative nutritious meal replacement diet. The products are delivered through the brand GLOW. Through the BFD coaching mode, trained salespeople serve as coaches. The Baby Food Diet improves lifestyle and immune system and reduces the chance of getting type 2 diabetes and COVID-19.

Meal Replacement

The diet replaces two meals each day, one with Super Adult Baby Food and the other with Protein-Rich Drink
Protein-Rich Drink

Protein dissolvable in
liquid & Protein-Rich

Super Adult Baby Food

Enriched with Vitamins
and Probiotics

Normal Dinner


Purchase GLOW (Guaranteed Loss of Weight) Product today. You will glow and be a new person.
The Baby Food Diet
Protein-Rich Drink
Super Adult Baby Food
Success Stories


Benjamin Lye had been obese since the age of 12. Unable to overcome the chronic condition after trying various diets and exercise plans, he struggled to lose weight. Benjamin found an answer to his problems when he approached his friend John Probandt who successfully lost weight with the Baby Food Diet. After two weeks on the BFD plan, Benjamin began to see promising results. In three years’ time, he successfully managed to shed 70kg of excess weight. Benjamin is now on the Baby Food Diet team and is dedicated to sharing his success story, helping people to take control and to improve their lives.

Expert Endorsements

“You will live healthy and happy forever and live longer”

Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. The most prominent chronic diseases are type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. These diseases are linked by common and preventable biological risk factors, notably high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and overweight, and by related major behavioural risk factors: unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, alcohol and tobacco use. Action to prevent these major chronic diseases should focus on controlling key risk factors in a simple and well-integrated manner. The “Baby Food Diet” is carefully created by top scientist from US and Canada and is designed to simultaneously attack multiple risk factors of type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. The Baby Food Diet is for adults will get you slim due to the automatic portion control that it creates. That is just the start of the benefits. You will boost your immune system. You will reduce the chance of type 2 diabetes; obesity and your energy will soar. You will live healthy and happy forever and live longer. Do not wait integrate “The Baby Food Diet” in your daily meal plan and let your food become your medicine.

Dr. Satya Prakash, Professor, Biomed. Eng., Experimental Medicine, Physiology, and Experimental Surgery (Father of Probiotics)
“You will live healthy and happy forever and live longer”
“The Baby Food Diet is a novel way for dieters everywhere”

The Baby Food Diet is a novel way for dieters everywhere to implement portion control. Simply, a great way to lose and keep weight off

Jeffrey Hsu, MD Cardiologist and former, American Council on Exercise, personal trainer and certified instructor
“The Baby Food Diet is a novel way for dieters everywhere”

Healthy Updates

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John Probandt, CEO of BFD Inc., is interviewed by NexChange Group’s Olga Yaroshevsky for Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2020. Take a look!

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